Обращение Ллойда Эванса

Вы можете лично воспользоваться переводчиком:

The JW Watch team are currently working on an international network database.

The purpose of the database is to have registered volunteers who we can contact and connect with people who contact our support team in their local area / language. We have had lots of people offer support in the past, now we are formalising this process, with the firm belief this will greatly assist the whole community.

We are also working on a database of volunteers who would be willing to translate documents (etc) into English from their native or second language.

If you are interested in either or both volunteer roles, please DM any of our social media accounts, or contact JW Watch Head of Operations at kimsilvio@me.com and you will be sent further information.

Please share this post far and wide and as always — thank you for your support!

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